Hello! You’ve stumbled upon a little humble portfolio page of Cindiq (AKA Cheese Toasted), a Registered Nurse who design and draw in her spare time. Working in health care is an extremely rewarding but tough profession, so one of the main ways I do self-care is by doing art. I love multiple art mediums, including traditional (copics and watercolour), digital, or even handcrafts (I also make cosplay props but that is mostly commission based). Recently, I also started to explore apparel illustrations and designs. My ideology for my apparel is that I want to be able to design and make small runs of my apparel designs, and will always create new designs to replace sold out ones rather than reprinting them, thus keeping the novelty and integrity my apparels as fine art rather than mass produced work.

In my spare time, I play video games (mostly PC gaming but I play console games once in a blue moon), browse reddit, watch youtube videos, or catch up on the lastest anime shows or memes.